Concert Calendar

Concert Calendar

Upcoming Performances:

December, 11, 2020
Strikepoint with the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra

Strikepoint, the DSSO, and WDSE TV are teaming up to present a special Christmas program with selections from pre-recorded performances. 
WDSE TV from 9:00-10:30pm. 
The concert will also stream from December 12th-31st on the DSSO Website.

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December 19, 2020
Strikepoint's Christmas Holiday Concert

An Online Strikepoint Concert for the World.
Premieres: 7:00pm on our YouTube channel

This is a free holiday concert for the entire family and will feature Strikepoint with a few very special friends. There will also be information during the program on how you would be able to support Strikepoint through your giving.

This concert WILL Happen, even if it ends up being in April! Unpack your Santa hat and favorite Christmas mug and reclaim what we missed.

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